The Vintage Shop

Auckland, New Zealand


The Vintage Shop is a great little shop to visit.  They specialise in Mid-Century furniture and accessories sourced from around the World.

What’s Inside:

The Vintage Shop offers great mid-century furniture pieces and some vintage glass, ceramics, pottery, and lighting.

Location Tips:

The Vintage Shop is located on Dominion Road near the intersection with King Edward Street.


Payment options: Cash, credit, debit, EFT-POS.


Parking on Dominion Road can be hard to find, but parking can usually be found on the side streets.

Last Visited:   January 2014


The Vintage Shop - Auckland, New Zealand

Location:  Auckland


    359 Dominion Road

    Mt Eden


    New Zealand




Mon-Fri   10:00-5:00

Sat                 10:00-4:00




Tel:  09 630 0038



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